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Episode 21 – On Torture

Morgan embarks on a mission of retribution that nearly ends in disaster while Francois l’Olonnais has greater success using much more brutal methods.  

Halloween Spooktacular

For Halloween we look at the myths and legends that terrified pirates and seafaring men from the dawn of time until today. Davy Jones Locker, Mermaids, Kraken and The Flying Dutchman.

Episode 20 – Providence

While Captain Morgan was away on his 22 month raid Jamaica got a new Governor and Lieutenant Governor – none other than Henry’s uncle Edward Morgan. Morgan, Mansveldt and The Brethren of the Coast weather shifting alliances and disastrous raids….

Episode 19 – Talk Like A Pirate

Avast ye bilge lickin’ dogs! Talk Like a Pirate Day be comin’ quick me hearties! It’s time we talk arrr, timber shivering, plank walkin’ and pirate accents. And, of course, William Shakespeare. Obviously.

Episode 18 – Granada

Captain Henry Morgan, to the horror of his Governor and King, sails west into the Gulf of Mexico to raid the Yucatan peninsula. He sails the entire Caribbean coast of Central America raiding and pillaging all the while.

Episode 17 – Guns, Rum, Ships & Steel

We take a break from our story to look at the tools Captain Morgan and The Brethren of the Coast used on their upcoming raids. These are the ships, firearms and victuals that were the foundation of pirate life.

Episode 16 – Three Books (part 2)

The Buccaneers of America by Alexander Exquemelin is a firsthand account of one indentured servant that joined up with a Buccaneer crew out of Tortuga and served under Captain Henry Morgan. We look at the beginning of his story and…

Episode 15 – The Three Books (Part 1)

Okay – so it’s really only two books. We cover The English Book of Common Prayer, the English Civil War, and Oliver Cromwell. Then we talk about The English-American and Cromwell’s Western Design, including Thomas Gage, Diego Lucifer, and Henry…

Episode 14 – The New New World

  The Spanish Empire was in decline. The British & Dutch East India Companies spread throughout the world. In the West Indies the new European colonies brought slavery, luxury, and pirates. On the island of Tortuga buccaneers and puritans fight…

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