Episode 12 – The Rising Tide

The Sea Beggars embark on a war against the Spanish. Their fleets reign on the North Sea as they search for a port to call home. They ally with the English and Protestant French forces against the powers of Spain and France, but dark days in Paris push Europe over the brink to open war.

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Sources Used In This Episode - Ep 12

Book TitleAuthorAbeBook Link
The Sea Beggers Dingman Versteeg Purchase Here
William the Silent and the Dutch Revolt Hermine de IonghPurchase Here
The Saint Bartholomew's Day MassacreJouanna ArlettePurchase Here
The King of PiratesDaniel DefoePurchase Here
Honor Among ThievesJan RogozinskiPurchase Here
The Life & Legacy of Henry AveryCharles River EditorsPurchase Here