Episode 14 – The New New World

The Spanish Empire was in decline. The British & Dutch East India Companies spread throughout the world. In the West Indies the new European colonies brought slavery, luxury, and pirates. On the island of Tortuga buccaneers and puritans fight for control.

4 thoughts on “Episode 14 – The New New World

  1. Hi Matt. I love your podcast. I’ve always been fascinated by Pirates and the way you tie in European politics and Religion to their development is great. I was wondering if you were planning an episode explaining the life of pirates on a ship. Including how they joined a crew, the hierarchy on a pirate crew, the various roles on a crew, etc. I think that your audience would find it interesting. Thanks!

    1. Hi. Thanks so much! I have several episodes along those lines planned. About shipboard politics and hierarchy, about day to day life on a pirate ship, how exactly one would become a pirate, and several episodes about the ships themselves and the weaponry used. But I’m waiting for just a little while until we get to the 18th century. The technology of the time and the society of the early 1700’s Caribbean was a major influence on the people living in that time and place.

  2. Hey Matt, I just wanted to say that your podcast is great, i’m a huge fan and love how you go into great detail yet keep it breif and interesting, it definantly gives me something to listen to on my way to school. Thanks again, GH

    1. Hi there. Thanks so much. I’m constantly in a balancing act to keep on track and not just ramble on about whatever tangent pops into my head. In the episode I’m working on right now I cut a whole bit about Charles Darwin and early naturalists because of one writer that didn’t know where ambergris came from. I’ll try to keep the show interesting and as on point as possible. Thanks again!

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