Ep03 – The Ocean Blue pt.2

     I finally get to Christopher Columbus. Somehow I manage to tie in little known historical curiosities like the Black Death, the Mongol Empire and the rise of the Ottoman Empire. We get to the Spanish colonization of the New World, the conquest of native peoples and the beginnings of slavery.

Sources Used In This Episode

Sources Used In This Episode -- Ep 03

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Columbus: The Four VoyagesBergreen, LaurencePurchase Here
The First Voyage to AmericaChristopher Columbus, John O'Hara Cosgrave, Bartolome De Las CasasPurchase Here
The Four VoyagesColumbus, ChristopherPurchase Here
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Guns, Germs & SteelDiamond, Jared M. Purchase Here
Empire's CrossroadsGibson, Carrie
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