Episode 39 – Ne’er do wells of All the World

Two new pirate captains – Richard Sawkins & Peter Harris – join with the fleet of John Coxon & Bartholomew Sharpe. But only after a series of trials and tribulations. And then we explore a 300 year old conspiracy theory.

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Sources Used In This Episode - Ep 39

Book TitleAuthorAbeBook Link
Pirates the Complete History from 1300 BC to the Present DayAngus KonstamPurchase Here
Pirates of the AmericasDavid F. MarleyPurchase Here
The Pirates PactDouglas R. BurgessPurchase Here
The Buccaneers of America Alexander O. Exquemelin & Basil Ringrose
(translated by Alexis Brown)
Purchase Here
A Pirate of Exquisite MindDiana & Michael PrestonPurchase Here
Buccaneers of the Caribbean Jon LatimerPurchase Here
A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of AmericaLionel Wafer
A New Voyage Round the World William Dampier
Calendar of State Papers: Colonial, America, and West IndiesAvailable For Free

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