Episode 45 – Treasure Hunting

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The fleet of Bartholomew Sharp faced the worst challenges to date. They were thirsty, hungry, cold, and some men began to show signs of scurvy. Plus, they hadn’t been paid in months. The men were growing ever more angry and their Admiral needed to find them fresh fruit, water, and plunder. If not, he was in danger of losing command…

Sources Used In This Episode - Ep 45

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A New Voyage Round the WorldWilliam Dampier Purchase Here
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Buccaneers of the CaribbeanJon LatimerPurchase Here
Pirates of the AmericasDavid F. MarleyPurchase Here
The Pirate's PactDouglas R. BurgessPurchase Here
A Pirate of Exquisite MindDiana & Michael PrestonPurchase Here
Calendar of State Papers: Colonial, America, and West IndiesAvailble For Free

4 thoughts on “Episode 45 – Treasure Hunting

  1. Ever since finding the podcast I look forward to listening everyday, going to relisten to old episodes. Very well done, very well put together and presented. Please continue the outstanding work.

  2. I am a little behind on the podcast, but I just listened to this episode. I just wanted to comment on when at one point in the story you said “it was quiet… a little too quite”. And, whenever I hear a phrase like that it immediately reminds me of that scene in the Ninja Turtles movie: “hey look it’s Raph… yeah, a little too Raph”. I was surprised, and had a good laugh, that after the ending theme song of your show, you played that movie quote. Your subtle jokes are so good; like referring to Jack Sparrow and Legolas. Anyway, great podcast!

    1. Thank you so much! I always try to keep them subtle, mostly because we might be about to talk about something serious, but I love it when someone catches them. And you’re the first to mention the ‘a little too Raph’ line. To me at least. Cheers!

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