Episode 51 – Desperate Rogues

The summer of 1682 was a busy season for the pirates of the West Indies. Today we follow the cruises of Captain Jean Hamiln who defined that summer. We also take some time here at the end of the year to catch up with all the major pirates operating in 1682. Sharp, Dampier, Davis, de Graaf, Grammont, Coxon, & even Henry Morgan.



Calendar of State Papers: Colonial, America, and West Indies

A New Voyage Round the World by William Dampier

A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America by Lionel Wafer

A Pirate of Exquisite Mind by Diana & Michael Preston

Pirates the Complete History from 1300 BC to the Present Day by Angus Konstam

Buccaneers of the Caribbean by Jon Latimer

Pirates of the Americas by David F. Marley

The Pirates Pact by Douglas R. Burgess

The Buccaneers of America by Alexander O. Exquemelin (translated by Alexis Brown)

The Pirate King by Graham A. Thomas

Empire of Blue Water by Stephan Talty

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