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Episode 47 – Questions & Answers part 1

We continue on our journey across the isthmus alongside William Dampier, John Cook, & Edward Davis. They meet with an old companion, and somehow I wander into questions of identity, heroism, villainy, and ideals.  

Episode 46 – Leave Takings

• Transcript via Google Drive We’re back in the Pacific this week with William Dampier, Lionel Wafer, John Cook, & Edward Davis. The ‘mutineers’ are on their way back to the isthmus and the Caribbean beyond when they encounter several setbacks that see their company tested and broken.

Halloween Special – Ghost Stories

This Halloween we delve deep into ghost pirates, ghost ships, and the role that myth and story have on our perception of history & the world around us. Sources Mostly Scooby-Doo

Episode 45 – Treasure Hunting

• Transcript via Google Drive The fleet of Bartholomew Sharp faced the worst challenges to date. They were thirsty, hungry, cold, and some men began to show signs of scurvy. Plus, they hadn’t been paid in months. The men were growing ever more angry and their Admiral needed to find…

Episode 44 – Refitting

» Transcript via Google Drive    Pirate life wasn’t all swashbuckling adventure and rum. Sometimes it meant days spent working on their vessels, or weeks at sea, or even losing the wind and being forced to sit idle while your enemies prepare. Frustration and boredom and hard work could be as…

Episode 43 – Last Man Standing

» Transcript via Google Drive    The aftermath of the battle at Panama saw the pirates on the verge of internal conflict. They were brought together by the threat of Spanish warships and the death of a comrade. Their unity was short lived however, and a schism opens within their…

Episode 42 – The Extremest Hazard of Fire & Sword

» Transcript Via Google Drive    The fleet of Captains Coxon, Sharp, & Sawkins makes their entrance into the Gulf of San Miguel. They engage in the vilest sorts of piracy, quarrel amongst each other, and finally make their way to Panama.

Episode 41 – Those Who are Born to be Hang’d

» Transcript via Google Drive    After the sack of Santa Maria the Buccaneers make way down river toward the Southern Ocean. The crew of one unlucky canoe suffers three grueling days of trials and suffering.

Episode 40 – The Sacred Hunger of Gold

The pirate fleet under John Coxon makes landfall in Darien to assault the Spanish Main. There they meet the Kuna people & King Goldencap, struggle across the isthmus of America and help the Kuna in their quest for justice. Transcript via Google Drive   Sources Calendar of State Papers: Colonial,…

Storms in the Age of Sail

  In light of the events on the Gulf Coast of Texas, this week we’ll be looking at tropical storms in and around the Caribbean during the age of sail. If you can support those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, I urge you please to do so.