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Episode 11 – The Sea Beggars

While John Hawkins was on his troublesome voyage in the Caribbean, Europe was sailing toward war. In the Low Countries their blossoming Republic was in a life or death struggle with their Spanish overlords. After suffering a serious defeat, a group of ragtag, desperate young pirates arise as the only…

Episode 10 – Master Thief of the Unknown World – Pt. 2

   Francis Drake continues his voyage of circumnavigation. The Golden Hind and her crew traverse the Strait of Magellan, terrorize the Pacific coast of South America and claim the first land in North America for England. And then they become the first Englishmen to travel round the globe.

Ep09 – Master Thief Of The Unknown World – Part 1

   Francis Drake sets out on his most famous voyage to the New World. Shrouded in secrecy, this voyage will be the one that will see his name remembered forever. However, troubles on board involving a nobleman claiming to have dark powers and a near mutiny almost end the voyage before…

Ep08 – The Treasure House Of The World

   Francis Drake sailed back to the Caribbean and the Spanish Main again and again to seek his revenge. Growing bolder and more audacious with every voyage, the Spanish name him The Dragon and Spain’s most wanted. He finally strikes a blow that makes Phillip of Spain take notice and for…

Ep07 – El Draque

   Francis Drake was the most famous and notorious mariner of his generation. In England he was a hero and respected navy officer. To the Spanish he was a loathsome pirate. Their conflict starts on the troublesome voyage of John Hawkins.

Ep06 – The Gentlemen Adventurers

The first months of Queen Elizabeth’s reign were some of the most dangerous she faced. She overcame those challenges with the help of a group of ambitious, talented and notorious sea captains. Together they set England on a path that would build The British Empire.

Ep05 – Gloriana

&ntsp;&ntsp;&ntsp;She was called a Pirate Queen by the Spanish for daring to challenge their monopoly on The New World. She became a monarch to rival and eclipse the most powerful and influential in Europe, including her father. Her policies led to England’s status as a global naval power, established their…

Ep04 – Old Europe on Fire

   Religion and politics. Stick with me, this is all hugely important to the world and worldview of the Caribbean pirates. We discuss Martin Luther, the schism in the Catholic Church that led to Protestantism, the resulting political turmoil in Europe and the effects on England. This conflict shaped the Old…

Ep03 – The Ocean Blue pt.2

     I finally get to Christopher Columbus. Somehow I manage to tie in little known historical curiosities like the Black Death, the Mongol Empire and the rise of the Ottoman Empire. We get to the Spanish colonization of the New World, the conquest of native peoples and the beginnings of slavery….

Ep02 – The Ocean Blue pt.1

     The explorers that first crossed the Atlantic to explore and conquer the New World were birthed by a European continent simmering with religious strife and political tension. Less an episode about pirates and more a snapshot of 15th century Europe and the characters that launched the Age of Exploration.