Episode 29 – Or Any Other Place

Captain Morgan returns to Jamaica and attempts to settle down and live a life of peace. The monarchs of England and Spain had other ideas though. Morgan meets his greatest foe yet, and is forced to make a choice.

One thought on “Episode 29 – Or Any Other Place

  1. Recently I saw a movie again that I first saw in my youth (Mutiny on the Bounty 1935 with Clark Gable.) And while it is not a movie about Pyrates per se, it re-awoke a love for all things nautical, and adventurous like it did when I first saw it on TV when I was 8 or 9. This of course led my to look up all things pirate and rebellious on the internet and then led me here.

    And let me just say: I am so glad that it not only exists, but that it is still active! Please do not stop! This subject is endless and there are a lot of people out there interested!

    Thank you!

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